• We believe that...
  • God tells us about himself in his word
    God has revealed who he is, and has not left us
  • Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life
    There is a way back to God - and it is Jesus Christ
  • Jesus lived, died, and rose again
    Jesus gave the ultimate sacrifice, and won the ultimate victory
  • We are a community
    We worship and fellowship together as Christ's disciples
  • We are to show Christ's love, until he returns
    We seek to show to others the great love that has been shown to us

Welcome to Grace!

Him we proclaim so that we may present everyone mature in Christ
– the Apostle Paul

Upcoming Events

Memorial Day Picnic

If you plan on attending the picnic, we would appreciate it if you would sign up for the picnic and indicate if you can bring a side dish or dessert, and/or help with set-up or clean-up.

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Lifting the Downcast

It is a wondrous thing that our God grants peace and quietness of soul to His own. Indeed, He has promised this to all who belong to Him in Christ…

Unfathomable Love

We love to sing that hymn together: “Amazing love! How can it be that Thou My God shouldst die for me” (And Can It Be That I Should Gain, by Charles Wesley). We are immediately struck by the truth that the love of God in Christ towards us sinners is, as Wesley understood it, AMAZING!

Worn, Weary, but Strengthened

These verses from Paul’s second letter to the believers at Corinth can be considered part of the testimony of the Apostle as he labors in the ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. One of the great themes of his two letters to the Corinthians is his own defense of the Gospel ministry committed to him by our Lord and for which he suffered greatly…

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