Sunday AM: Why Did Jesus Come? To Bear Witness To The Truth by Ted Trefsgar

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  • We believe that...
  • God tells us about himself in his word
    God has revealed who he is, and has not left us
  • Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life
    There is a way back to God - and it is Jesus Christ
  • Jesus lived, died, and rose again
    Jesus gave the ultimate sacrifice, and won the ultimate victory
  • We are a community
    We worship and fellowship together as Christ's disciples
  • We are to show Christ's love, until he returns
    We seek to show to others the great love that has been shown to us

Welcome to Grace!

Him we proclaim so that we may present everyone mature in Christ
– the Apostle Paul

Upcoming Events


Men’s Retreat 2015

As in prior years, we will be meeting at Harvey Cedars Bible Conference, in Harvey Cedars, NJ. More details to come… Please plan on joining us!


Ladies’ Retreat 2015

This year, we will be gathering together in Ocean City, NJ at the Port-O-Call Hotel. Our guest speaker will be Lydia Brownback.

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